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NVR Djs for Party

”NVR Djs for party” is a professional duo dj which offers dj set and music for weddings and private events in Florence and all over Italy.
Infinte passion for music, over 10 years of experience, 360° musical repertoire, most advanced instrumentation and a network of professionals created over the years allow the total management of any service is requested of them.

Their experience as Dj began in 2008, with the first parties with friends at the bar and small private events, to then arrive, in the following years, at the most prestigious consoles in Tuscany (Canniccia Versilia, Tenax and Space Club just to name a few), making thousands of people dance from all over the world.

Eclectic and capable of selecting every musical genre, their DJ sets have inflamed the dancefloors at events of important automotive and fashion brands throughout Italy, even going so far as to put records in cities like Milan, Venice, Bologna, Cuneo, Parma.

In 2019 they are the winners of the “Wedding Award 2019”, being included among the top djs for weddings in the province of Florence.
Moreover in 2020 the won the “Couple’s Choise Award 2020”, a prestigious recognition as the best DJ for destination weddings in Italy.


Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions” hoping to be helpful in removing some doubts:

Is the SIAE included in the price?2019-06-05T15:44:45+00:00

The SIAE is a permit that must be made by the event organizers (spouses, celebrated etc.) and is NOT included in our price. However, we are available to give support during the request for permits (link, type of event, etc.).

Does your service go to hours or events?2019-06-05T15:43:15+00:00

Our services are calculated “per event” and end at the end of the latter.

Available to make transfers?2019-06-05T15:42:27+00:00

Of course, we are available to travel throughout Italy.

Do you have the necessary equipment?2019-06-05T15:41:19+00:00

Certainly, we have at our disposal a triple sound system, a double lighting system and a double DJ console to cover any eventuality.

Can I request songs out of the repertoire?2019-06-05T15:39:27+00:00

We are available to any request we are given.

Your musical repertoire?2019-06-05T15:38:45+00:00

Our musical repertoire is at 360 ° and covers every need and / or request we receive.

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