Wedding dj

What does a DJ do for weddings?

What needs must satisfy to ensure that the guests and, above all, the spouses spend an unforgettable day?

We all know perfectly the importance of music for a Marriage, but often it is not enough to have great disc jokey skills.

In these 12 years of experience during which we have established ourselves as professional DJs for weddings in Tuscany and throughout Italy, we have learned a lot about how many other features are fundamental besides, of course, the skill behind the console;

  • Perfect organization;
  • Own equipment of the highest quality;
  • Direct comparison with the protagonists of the marriage;
  • Availability and flexibility in music 360 °.

Before the Marriage: Contact.

The first contact often comes from our website (click here to access the contact area) via e-mail or by call.
Then we organize a meeting, either in person or via Skype.

Right from the first interview it is essential for us to immediately understand your musical tastes to create together one or more musical ladders.
In addition, in the part dedicated to the musical organization we make sure that we manage the contacts directly, in case they need additional protagonists on stage. For example: a live voice or a saxophone etc ..

Upon confirmation of all it is our practice to make an inspection of the location where the marriage will take place.
We will evaluate the environment and decide what type of equipment to carry and, if it is possible, we will consider the possibility of mounting more audio systems.

The inspection is always included in the price.


There will be no need to use any kind of Service Audio – Lights, so rent the equipment elsewhere.
We have always worked with our top-of-the-range professional equipment: Pioneer consoles, wireless microphones, LED lights, lasers, smoke machines, light bulb chains, etc.

We prefer to directly take care of all the equipment that will require marriage in the music and lighting field, so as to be completely independent from Catering and other types of Service.

This allows us to have 360 ° control and allow the couple to save money, as well as having more freedom.

Marriage management

On this site there is a complete page with a description of how we generally manage your most important day.

As you will have understood, we take care of the musical organization at 360 °, starting from the Ceremony / ritual to the evening “Disco”, with maximum availability and flexibility.
A completely customizable musical experience.

Usually we always arrive 3 – 4 hours before on the location chosen by the spouses for the assembly of everything needed, and we are also the last to leave.
As a DJ for weddings, upon request, we can also provide all the equipment necessary for the ceremony and directly take care of his musical direction (music for bride and groom entry, witness signatures, ring exchange …).
Then we move to the moment of the Aperitivo, an occasion that is usually divided into two parts: the expectation of the spouses, in which we will entertain your guests with “welcome” music, and your arrival at the Location.
Even during the banquet we will always be available to create a musical background. As well as the long-awaited moment of cutting the cake, an exciting parenthesis during which it is traditional to play your favorite love song.

We would like to emphasize, whether outdoors or indoors, our wireless (wireless) microphone systems will always be available, designed especially for the so-called speeches, or the occasion in which your guests will want to dedicate a few words to you on the occasion of your union.

Finally, after the banquet and the cutting of the cake, the first Ball and the Disco moment will follow.
In case you have a special request such as creating your favorite choreography, it will not be a problem, thanks to the audio-editing courses attended in the past.

Of course what has been said so far is only a line recommended by Nvr Djs For Party based on our experience.
In any case, every topical moment of the wedding will be divided according to your requests and in such a way that everything runs smoothly without interruptions and without any kind of stress.
Everything will be designed exclusively to make you have fun and make your most important day unforgettable.

We work throughout Italy and Tuscany (Siena, Pistoia, Florence, Livorno, Pisa, Lucca, Prato).