Private Events

NVR DJS For Party is not only deals with weddings but is also very active in private events, whether they are corporate events, graduation parties, birthdays, eighteenths or any other event where musical accompaniment is necessary.

Our experience as a DJ duo starts right from the events in the most important clubs in Florence.

By using our services you can be sure of realizing the party you have always wanted. We will take care of the musical organization of your event at 360 °, from the necessary equipment to carry out the party up to the persolization of the musical lineup to follow.
Experts in every context mentioned above, we will be able to advise you perfectly on the best musical selection (from the aperitif to the actual party) to transform your party into an unforgettable moment.

As for the equipment, we will use our professional (audio speakers, DJ console, light effects), able to satisfy every request.

DJ for birthdays

What would a birthday without music be like?

If you are looking for a DJ for your birthday party, your eighteenth … You ended up in the right place.

We will help you create the musical experience of your party based on your tastes and the tastes of your guests. We will evaluate together the most important tracks to be reproduced, those that cannot be missing and we will define together the “mood” of the event.

As in any private event we will take care of the equipment, whether it is… an indoor or outdoor location.

Dj for Graduation parties

Your graduation will be celebrated in the best way with your friends and dears.

Dj set with professional equipment and wireless microphones always present, in case someone wants to give a speech in your honor.
We will take care of the musical direction of your event if there are several phases (aperitif, dinner, disco …), and above all we will customize the musical experience of the party according to your tastes and tastes of your guests.

Of course there will be special effects thanks to our professional lights.

Dj for corporate events

Are you organizing a convention or the inauguration of your shop or do you simply want to celebrate with your colleagues the achievement of a goal?

Nobody has problems, we take care of the music.

During our first contact we will try to understand immediately the values and style of your company and the atmosphere that must be there during the event.

We will manage in the best way all the part concerning the music and the preparation of the musical equipment, trying to best meet your needs.

We will select the tracks in tune with the atmosphere that the company party will have and we will follow the unfolding of the event in total autonomy so that everything “runs smoothly”.

Whatever the size of the chosen location, which in the case of an inauguration could also be a shop or a showroom, there will be no need to worry. We have lighting and audio systems for every space.

Dj for bachelor parties, hen parties and much more …

In this article we have simply mentioned the type of private events we happen to participate in the most.

But this does not exclude other types of private events such as hen parties, stag parties, fashion shows … where the presence of a DJ set could be essential.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or even simply for more information about our service.

We work throughout Italy and in Tuscany (Siena, Pistoia, Florence, Livorno, Pisa, Lucca, Prato).

    Per il nostro matrimonio siete riusciti a far ballare chiunque! Mitici. Affidatevi a Gianluca e Daniele, rimarrete soddisfatti, vi divertirete e i vostri ospiti saranno felici! Grazie mille, Chiara e Massimo!
    Chiara Crescioli, Nvr Djs For Party

    Bravo Gianluca, che ha suonato come dj il giorno del nostro matrimonio: non solo ha eseguito perfettamente tutte le nostre richieste, ma ha anche saputo coinvolgere grandi e piccini con canzoni per tutti i gusti. Grazie mille!!

    Giada, Nvr Djs For Party

    Perfetti e professionali

    Molto bravi gentili e professionali, consiglio. Anche il rapporto qualità prezzo è ottimo, disponibili a qualsiasi richiesta e professionali in quello che fanno. Ottima scelta per il vostro matrimonio.

    Federico Baldinu, Nvr Djs For Party

    Grazie a Daniele e Gianluca, disponibili e gentilissimi su tutto e per tutto, abbiamo avuto una festa di matrimonio bellissima che ha soddisfatto le richieste di ogni ospite e ha fatto divertire tutti i nostri invitati. Affidatevi a loro e sarà tutto perfetto!

    Camilla Pilati, Nvr Djs For Party

    Definirei Daniele e Gianluca professionali, gentili ma soprattutto disponibili!
    Attenti ai minimi particolari.. Felicissimi di aver affidato nel nostro giorno più bello la parte musicale a loro!! Consigliatissimi, grazie ancora.

    Martina Trapasso, Nvr Djs For Party