Rent uplighting system

Rental of audio and lighting systems

When we talk about Weddings or Events of any nature, often the first thing we think about is Music. It’s true, try to imagine a wedding without background music. A unique boredom!

Yet what remains in our minds for a longer time when we participate in an important occasion is the location.

Here the lighting wants its part, to be the protagonist.

Create unique, romantic, exclusive, original settings or simply so cared to leave guests breathless. So in this case the lights and their use become fundamental.
Lights have the gift of giving unique emotions if used in the right way. They create dreamy atmospheres, especially when it comes to the most important day of your life, like a wedding.

In addition to being professionals in the music sector as a wedding dj for over 12 years, Nvr Djs For Party offers an Audio-Light Service service.
You can rent the lights directly from us for your private event (eighteenth, graduation, corporate party, school party, etc.) or your wedding. Not only that, we take care of the assembly directly!

There is a 15% discount for anyone requesting the “Music & Lights” package.

That is, you can decide to request a quote for both the musical and lighting parts, so you will be entitled to the discount. Not bad eh …

What do we rent?

  • String Lights often also used to create a wonderful starry sky effect. Do you know the Ferragnez wedding ?. Classic color.
  • Fari led wireless to create breathtaking light points. Ideal for illuminating walls or other architectural points. Customizable colors.
  • Fairy lights  per creare un’atmosfera da sogno, come in una favola. Posizionate nei punti giusti danno risalto a qualsiasi dettaglio, anche quello più nascosto. Colore Classico.

How does it work?

Whatever your request, we will be able to advise you in the best way to satisfy all your lighting needs.

We will carry out inspections of the location in order to suggest the solutions that will further enhance the architecture.
In concrete terms, it will be important to understand whether to connect to pre-existing structures or bring the supports directly to us.
The goal will be to create a 360 ° personalized atmosphere. As you imagined it!

Contact us for a quote or for advice!