NVR Djs for party will take care of every aspect of your most important day, thanks to a long and multi-years experience in the sector.

Maximum availability and flexibility, 360° customizable music scales, professional equipment (without needing to rent it elsewhere) make NVR Djs for party the best choice for the soundtrack of this special day.

Below we have prepared a brief summary of the moments that make up a wedding, with the addition of some useful advice:


Wedding dj italy

Whether outdoors or in a religious or civil location, thanks to wireless microphone systems we can provide all the necessary equipment for the ceremony, as well as take care of any musical direction (music for bride and groom entry, exchange rings, signatures, etc.).


The moment when all the guests find themselves initially, waiting for you to arrive at the location! Therefore recommended, entertain them with very soft “welcome” music such as jazz, bossa-nova, lounge music or any other kind of music you will want to propose.

Dj set per aperitivo sulla spiaggia


The cut of the cake, an exciting parenthesis during which all the guests will see you seal your love hand in hand. Usually (but it’s not an obligation of course) it’s tradition to play your favorite love song.

Below, some examples to get inspiration:


Dj per matrimoni in toscana

The first dance is the moment when the couple opens the dances (in variant eventually even the first dance Bride/father etc …). Also in vogue is a first “lively” dance, consisting of several pieces of song where the spouses, in the company of possible friends, create a cheerful choreography. “NVR Djs For Party”, thanks to the audio-editing courses attended in the past, is able to create your favorite choreography.


Dj per matrimoni in toscana

The long awaited moment! THE PARTY!

“NVR Djs For Party”, thanks to experience both in private events and club, can guarantee a 360 ° music coverage, starting from the most famous 70/80/90 years, passing through the rock, reaching the current commercial dance. The duo, always updated with the latest sound trends, also puts at your disposal its total repertoire for the customization of your party, making it unique and inimitable.